Modernization of Nonwoven-Machinery

Many older machines are mechanically still in good condition and can be upgraded to the state of the art with various adaptations and conversions. We offer for existing machines or production plants various modernizations, starting with new electrical control systems up to complete upgrading with conversions to single drives, process visualization, recipe management, etc.

Because of steadily increasing requirements of production rates, better product qualities and especially repeatability, we offer numerous options to modernize older machines and plants in order to upgrade these very cost effective to the state of the art. Not to be forgotten in this context is also the field of occupational safety. By upgrading of a production machine or plant, currently valid industrial safety regulations can be adapted to it.

For machines with a very high sensitivity, for example, PMC endless nonwoven felt needle looms, we have developed a system which guarantees a high level of reliability during a power outage; the machine can be stopped controlled even during a loss of power in order to not damage the product inside the machine.

Through a modernization we can apply numerous advantages

  • Increasing the production performance and availability
  • Improving product quality through optimized run ability
  • Saving energy through the latest drive and control technology
  • Reducing maintenance expenditure
  • Use of current standard components, thereby fast spare parts procurement
  • Ease of operation through the use of touch screens with process visualization
  • Adaptation to current health and safety regulations

Mechanical Works

Various mechanical adjustments are necessary for the adaption of motors and gearboxes or the rebuilding from a central to a single drive system. We prepare these thoroughly in our workshop, in order to apply these to customer’s machines with low down time. These include, for example, motor brackets, timing belt systems, holders for sensors, etc.

Please contact us, if you are looking for an upgrade of your control system or if you are looking for a special solution for the controls of your machines or production lines.

We offer all the necessary services for the modernization of nonwoven machines and systems from one source

Electrical cabinets

The cabinets are individually planned and manufactured according to accepted engineering standards. The used components are exclusively by major manufacturers such as SIEMENS, EATON or LENZE. This ensures high reliability and availability of spare parts. Before the cabinets are shipped, a function test of the modules will be performed at our workshop to prevent problems during commissioning at customer site after installation.

Electrical installation

Electrical installation from setting up the cabinets, construction of cable trays up to the laying of cables and their connection. Furthermore, we can modify circuits or wiring on existing systems to customer requirements.

Electrical cabinets

The sensors on modernized machinery and plants will be exchanged and added to provide any necessary signal to be processed in our control system for a smooth and consistent production. Examples are the integration of a belt scale for continuous production control or the use of ultrasonic sensors in fibre feed shafts to prevent errors which can be caused by fibre flocks.


For linking various plant components or for control the production process from a certain distance, we use various bus and network techniques. We realize, for example, de-centralized control panels of production plants, process control systems or remote maintenance systems for the machine controls supplied from us.


The programming of the control systems, PLC or PC, is done in compliance with customer specifications, current regulations and the high experience of our software engineers in the nonwovens industry. Standardly, we use SIEMENS PLCs or LENZE PC systems. These controls provide a modular structure with a very good expandability and they already contain many built-in functions.

Process visualization

For machine operation and monitoring we can supply individually designed process visualization systems with high functionality, ease of use and screen design options. The processes data can be collected, arranged and made available throughout the company networks. The screen design and the handling of visualization are designed in consideration of process safety and to customer specifications in order to make it easy for the machine operators to get familiar quickly and safely with the system and its functions. This also helps to prevent maloperations.

Production data acquisition

For continuous monitoring of the quality and efficiency of production, a production data acquisition (PDA) is a suitable tool. The requirement for a process control system and a PDA is the summary of all the necessary data from the individual production units and machines. We offer several solutions and combinations, depending on the local conditions and the used control systems.


Our specialists will perform the commissioning and start-up of the modernized machinery at customer site. This includes, for example verification of wiring, parameterisation of controllers, setting of sensors and the first start-up. Further our technicians carry out the instruction and training of machine operators and maintenance personnel.


Of course our delivery of a modernization includes all necessary project documents, such as schematics, parts lists, maintenance descriptions and manuals.


Please contact us, if you are looking for an upgrade of your control system or if you are looking for a special solution for the controls of your machines or production lines.

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