Complete line for needle felt production for natural fibres


Make: Spinnbau, Autefa, Dilo, Trützschler
Type: FBK 2500, SC 2-5HH, CL2002, OUG-I25
Y.O.C.: 1995

Complete needle felt production line 2.500mm

Make: Trützschler, Spinnbau, Autefa and Dilo
Working width: 2.500 mm
Y.O.C.: 1995
Retrofit 2016: Partial retrofit of Spinnbau, Autefa & Dilo machines in 2016

1. Blending line
Make: Trützschler
2x Bale opener, each with weighing pan
Mixing belt
Mixing opener Type MPM 10/2000
Metal separator
Opener with Silo

2. Card feeder
Make: Trützschler
Working width: 2.500 mm
Type: FBK 2500

3. Card
Make: Spinnbau
Working width: 2.500 mm
Type: SC 2-5 HH

4. Crosslapper
Make: Autefa
Type: CL 2002
Inlet: 2,5m / Outlet: 2,5m

5. Needle loom
Make: Dilo
Type: DI-LOOM OUG-I/25
Working width: 2.500 mm
Needing: One board up and one board down
Needles: 2-W12-200-18-3000

6. End-of-Line
Mahlo quality control system, type QMS12
Dilo longitudinal cutting, type LS25 / ALB 4
Dilo cross cutting, type RS/M 25
Dilo winder, type SW 25