Recycling Plant

Technical and mechanical specification

  • Working width: 1.000 mm, 1.500 mm und 1.900 mm

Composition of the machine

  • The machine has been designed to recycle textile waste
  • The machine consists of modular units
  • Entrance unit is equipped with two feed rollers
  • Tearing unit is equipped with a rigid wire clothed cylinder and dish feed
  • Regarding the opening power it is possible to add more tearing units to the line
  • Unopened materials goes back to the hopper feeder
  • Cylinder covers can be opened
  • Maintenance friendly condenser
  • Direct motor drives

Edge trim opener

The machine has been designed for the in-line recycling of edge trims of needled and thermal bonded nonwoven products. Our edge trim opener is composed of a tearing cylinder, three working rollers and one dish feeding unit or one pair of feeding rollers. The feeding and working rollers are clothed with rigid wire clothing, while the main tearing cylinder can be clothed either with rigid wire or pinned wooden lags. The choice of the wire clothing is subject to the material to be recycled. The main drum and the rollers can be clothed with very fine wire for accurate opening as well as coarser wires for heavy duty opening reasons. The speeds of the working rollers and the feeding unit is controlled by frequency inverter in order to synchronize the speed to the nonwoven production line. The direct vertical feed-in working width of 500mm allows simultaneous feeding of two edge trims up to 250mm each.

Technical and mechanical specifications

  • Working width: 500 mm

Composition of the machine

  • Dish feeding system with one feeding roller or one pair of feeding rollers with wire (depending on nonwoven material to be opened)
  • 3 working cylinders with wire
  • Adjustment of distances between roller manually
  • Main cylinder in diameter 380 mm, revolutions 710 RPM, with wire or pins (depending on nonwoven material to be opened)
  • Exit connection ready for standard suction pipe

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