Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts are part of almost every machine. With a high variety of materials, surfaces and special solutions, we can meet every customer requirement. By focusing on innovative products and manufacturing methods, we are able to secure an excellent competitive position in terms of service, quality and delivery time.
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Pinned lags for tearing & opening

Pinned lags produced in any required size, to be easily installed on drums with screws and bolts.
Pinned aluminium lags with inclined or straight pins.
Aluminium lags with flat pins. These are more durable and have a bigger tearing capacity. Recommended for first drums.
Interlocking or noninterlocking aluminium lags.
Converting of wooden lags into Aluminium lags, what can give a better mechanical resistance and ease to install so that the useful life of pinned lags will be longer.

Needle boards and perforated plates

Needle boards:
NOMACO supplies spare needle boards for all types and brands of needle looms in OEM quality.
Our needle boards can be customized with double coating, sliding devices and other accessories for individual purposes and long-lasting lifetime.

Perforated plates:
Our plates are made of high resistant steel with thermal treatment for perfect homogeneity of the surface.
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